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Diversity Consultant. Lawyer. Former Judge. Professor. Advocate.

We are AHKIRAH. A black-owned, woman-owned, and mindfully-directed equity consulting firm serving corporations, local communities, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations throughout the United States and abroad.

Inclusion is not the resting-place. It is the road.

-- Bahiyyah A. Greer

 AHKIRAH’s mission is to create and foster transformative equity-based platforms specific to the needs of our client partners. We connect the organizational heart and mind of our client partners through experiential workshops and participant-directed experiences.

AHKIRAH's unique participant-directed formats promote insight and immersion within fully customizable workshops and presentations. We successfully design client-tailored diversity strategies and inclusion plans that advance equitable leadership, personal accountability and cultural competence.

Bahiyyah A. Greer is the Founder and Principal Consultant of AHKIRAH Legal and Diversity Consultants. She is a highly experienced creator and facilitator of DEIJ-based strategies, content and experiences. As a dynamic cultural strategist, her background is rich in multicultural, global experiences with demonstrated success in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion within corporate, non-profit, and academic sectors.

With practical judicial and academic expertise, Bahiyyah’s consultancy work provides client-driven, DEIJ-based experiential models and workshops designed to challenge, re-evaluate and reclaim structures and ideologies essential to personal truth and healing.  For over fifteen years, she has examined and developed specific legal, cultural and equity-based frameworks to support diversity advocacy efforts for corporations, organizations and government agencies.

AHKIRAH retains a select cadre of professional consultants, diversity professionals, corporate facilitators, subject-matter experts, and veteran advisors in the fields of organizational development, executive leadership, corporate mediation, change management and social responsibility. Our expansive team of cross-functional professionals are committed to the service, support and sustainment of the organizational heart and mind of our clients. 

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